Sunday, November 27, 2011

Got it home

It took some doing and she need some engine work but it made it to the house. When I stop the she dies. I figured that made her like a shark but my buddy Max said she is "running rich" and will need the something something cleaned out. I got her here at this moment with the windows open trying to get some of the old people smell out before I get to working on her. I shall call her Tortuga. I have her next to the shed so I can run some house power to her but it is raining at the moment and I don't know if its safe to play with yet. So far I am digging how many outlets I see; that should make placing desk or TV or computer a breeze. I need to fix the fridge soon as the dude who had it got a new fridge for it and put it in just enough to mess it up and now I will have to undo all he did and start over. But its a nice looking fridge non the less. Soooo I'm pretty happy with her now I just hope she doesn't become a money pit.
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Ok fridge is too big for the space so now I'm going to get the mini fridge and keep my microwave on top and hide them with a cloth.


  1. Was the fridge that the last owner installed a household unit? Was it too deep or too wide?

    Wideness can be easily solved with a little work with a circular saw, some glue and a pneumatic staple gun.

    If these are not tools you have borrowing access to, it might be good to save up a little to buy a Ryobi "One" cordless starter kit (Comes with a drill and a circular saw, plus 2 batteries and the charger usually for less than a $100), and then a small air pancake compressor and combination 18 gauge staple/brad gun from harbor freight (Roughly another $150).

    And cats will adapt, they're good at it, see my earlier post about the litter box dilemma.

  2. @big matt, it was out of another RV; it is gas or electric and has a large copper tub coil on the top back... I could cut a board out and it would fit but the coil would then be butting up agianst some electrical wiring and I don't know how safe it would be.