Thursday, December 15, 2011

The slabs

Just saw a news report about the slabs on my local Indiana channel. The report was about more "normal" people are going to the slabs; I think the reporter call them financial refuges. I did not learn anything new from the report but it was interesting to see how many more people are there in the rest of it would be, I'm guessing it is because of the winter months. The slabs looked really dirty maybe if I go there I will work towards getting looking like its not a junk yard. Unless the camera man was using the actual slabs junk yard as background. The report also told me that everyone there is primarily using 12 gauge shotguns as personal protection. I may need to get my gun back...

So far the reservation is at a standstill. I tried to plug the rv into house power but there is something wrong with the ground and that caused me to get shocked every time I open the door.

I have brought most of the ecstatic items that I will be adding and I just got a new refrigerator dropped off at my house. So today I'm going to try to plug the rv into a outlet more suited towards the plug and get some things knocked out before work.

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  1. I don't know much affect you'd have on the slabs, its part Homeless camp, part hippie commune. There's a lot of people who've visited, look up the Bayfield bunch on blogger and Gary Haput's blog, both visited the slabs.

    Sounds like you have a 110 volt line that is shorting to the skin, you may need to pull and check each outlet in the rig to see if something has worked loose.