Monday, September 26, 2011


I feel im losing my mind this time, this time im losing my mind. So I don't really remember how long it's been since I started this blog; it feels like forever now. I just got on to my school's website to find out that I have a f in 1 of my previous semester classes. I spent the last week collecting legos that I now have no use for and will probably sell on ebay hopefully for the same amount i put into them. I'm sold all the appliances multiple times only to have the buyers back out last minute. I still don't know how I'm going to have two cats in rv if I go through with this. I guess I would say I am lost in the sauce.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hungry Ghost

Buddhists have a philosophy called the hungry ghost. The hungry ghost is the little voice inside your head that says, “oooh we need that gadget/shoes/game.” The hungry ghost is the consumer in us that is never satisfied no matter how much junk we buy. Most of us just feed the hungry ghost till we are living check to check and hand to mouth. One of the reasons I want this RV is to shrink the stomach of my hungry ghost. If I have less room to put stuff I will be more reluctant to waist my money on junk… is the theory. The real mind screw is when you realize that the RV itself is feeding the hungry ghost.
I recently sold two whole things on the facebook garage sale group. I unloaded the couch and old television and instantly I felt remorse… sellers remorse, if there is such a thing. There is no reason why I should have any feeling for that couch as it is an inanimate object but feeling exist none the less. I didn’t think it would be so hard to give up my stuff but now I have come to a standstill on selling my stuff. Partly I have come to a halt because of the facebook groups popularity makes it hard to get my stuff noticed. The group feels like standing in a gymnasium full of other people and everyone is screaming what items they want to sell. I may just have to burn it all.

this is the RV I am wanting but I don't expect it to wait around for me =( 

Friday, September 16, 2011

After work I come home and I find a bunch of people on my roof banging on it with hammers. I'm pretty sure this would not happen if I was in rv.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

wind taken from sails from lose of sale...

Well I woke up to a call from the dude who said he would be buying my appliances and he backed out of the sale. I am only slightly discouraged as I have found a great group on the Facebooks for people who want to sell stuff.  The site is booming in popularity and I should be able to sell everything on there, locally and with out scammers.

It's really hard to put a price on old junk. I am by no means sentimental about stuff but I sure do have a lot of it. I assume I have so much stuff because I see it and think it looks cool so I buy it but then I just put it in my room of random crap and the event horizon that I call my study grows in density. I look forward to burning some of that stuff, I am thinking that it will be cathartic to see old text books turn dust.

I have not heard from the RV dealer in a few days so I hope that no news is good news.

Sell everything you own

aww, the virgin post. Well here is the thing. If you are like me, awesome, then you hate paying money to people for services that have no future value like rent or power bill. I am so sick of it that I am going to be systematically selling most of what I own so I can buy a RV. I will be living out of said RV and that will reduce my monthly bills by $600 or so. I have had this bug for as long as I can remember; load up into a small RV and just go. I guess it is a wonderlust or need for adventure but whatever the case I will soon be making it reality.

You may or may not be aware that there is a subculture in this country of people who live and work out of their RVs. Once upon a time RVers where just the retired older couples who wanted to enjoy their remaining years. Over the last ten years however the number of young folk who are abandoning the way of life forced on us by society are taking up the RVing lifestyle. Work Campers or Workampers for short are normal people who see no value in paying rent or bills and want to live simply. Workamping is very zen as it forces you to give up on a lot of the things people work so hard to get (i.e.) furniture, big tvs, appliances and so on. Once you live in an RV you are faced with the decision every time you are going to buy something, will this fit in the camper?

I am on my first set in this adventure. I have just sold all my appliances on Craigslist and will soon be getting rid of or selling everything else that I can't fit in the camper. I must sell stuff to afford the down payment on the camper and that is where my first problem came. I was caught in a catch 22 situation. I must save money to buy a camper but until then I still need to pay rent and utilities. The solution was to start saving what I can and sell everything that is of any value and burn the rest. As to date I have saved about $500 and with the $600 from my appliances and another $500 from the ex wife I will only need a little bit more for a $2k down.

I have already picked out the rig at the dealers. She is older but I love the existing layout and once I add my touches it should make for a nice living space. I will post more about her later. I have named her Tortuga. ^_^

So that is the story so far I hope what I learn will help others who are looking to take this adventure on.